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In June I was interviewed for a Couseling Today article about Social Anxiety due to my article for Introvert, Dear (republished on this blog). I cannot reprint the whole article here, but I wanted to share with you one of my quotes and how Bethany Bray, the article’s author, beautifully took my email interview and made it into something better.

Elizabeth Shuler, an LPC and an international school counselor, agrees. She says social media has created a new layer of social anxiety “centered around likes, comments and followers” in many of the adolescents with whom she works.

“I see students every day who are upset — to the point of panic attacks — that they’ve lost followers or that no one is liking their Instagram pictures. Instead of being afraid of being seen as stupid, these kids are afraid of not getting likes. It is a whole new world of judgment that has been unleashed on our teens, and it is taking a toll,” Shuler says. “However, many people who find face-to-face interaction intimidating can benefit from starting with digital interactions. Using texting, video and other digital means of conversation can help people with social anxiety learn social skills and give them a chance to practice new skills in a safer, lower stakes environment.”

I don’t specialize in social anxiety, though most of my work is with anxiety of one type or another. I hope this article was helpful and I am proud and happy to have been offered such an amazing chance to be in the Cover Story of Counseling Today!

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