Elizabeth Shuler, LPC

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Yoga Teacher, and Reiki Master.

I started Inner Evolution Counseling to help expats and young professionals who don’t have easy access to therapy become empowered to create their best life.

My passion and meaning in life are to change the world, one person at a time. That sounds like a marketing ploy, but just look at this quote from my 16 personalities profile:

“People with this personality type tend to see helping others as their purpose in life. Advocates can often be found engaging in rescue efforts and doing charity work. However, their real passion is to get to the heart of the issue so that people need not be rescued at all.”

I truly want to help you find the heart of the issue, move through these trials, and do something great for yourself, your loved ones, and the world!

In our sessions, we will utilize both top-down and bottom-up approaches to help you shift into the peaceful happiness you have been looking for and to help you stay there.

About Online Therapy for Expats

I’m originally from Cody, Wyoming, USA, but I lived in Amman, Jordan for 4 years before moving to Guangzhou, China in 2019. My international experience working with clients from around the world along with my own experience of living abroad puts me in a unique opportunity to work with clients from a variety of different backgrounds.

My clients are living outside of their home country: expats, digital nomads, or frequent travelers. Although some of the issues that come up are specific to this lifestyle (cultural adjustment, homesickness, working abroad, etc.), most of my clients work with me on anxiety, high sensitivity, or personal growth.

Online therapy is ideal for: 

  • Anyone in a location where therapy with an English-speaking therapist is not available (such as expats and location independent professionals    around the world)
  • Digital nomads who want a consistent therapist no matter where they end up this month
  • International professionals who want to work with a therapist with international experience

What Clients Say About Working with Me

Clients say that I am a calm and peaceful presence that allows them to feel comfortable and safe, even when in the midst of trauma stories.

I’ve been told I am a compassionate guide, but I don’t shy away from challenging negative thoughts or unhelpful patterns.

My penchant for metaphors is helpful in creating understanding & insight and my focus on helping clients live their best lives makes clients feel empowered and cared for.

About My Counseling Approach

My approach is based on cutting-edge science and backed by ancient traditions. I am trained in mindfulness and somatic therapy and use both techniques to help you develop a deliberate relationship with your embodied emotions. Feeling your emotions in your body is a powerful way to work “bottom-up” to shift from anxiety to feeling safe and connected in a way that “top-down” approaches like talk therapy miss. 

My main theoretical framework comes from Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB), a theory that focuses on our relationship with the body and mind. By considering a person’s genes and neurophysiology, we can understand your way of thinking. We then look at how the world around you influenced your mind’s development. With this understanding, we start to rework the neurophysiology of the brain by working on changing your thoughts and actions corresponding to those thoughts. Mindfulness and somatic therapy are integral parts of utilizing INPB.

I also use the principles of energy psychology to understand and improve human functioning. This takes interpersonal neurobiology to the next level by not only considering thoughts and emotions but sensations and behaviors, too. This is what is known as the bioenergy system (meridians and biofields). The energy part of this work focuses on how the bioenergy system interacts within your body & mind and between you and other people. Of course, the bioenergy system is highly influenced by cultural and environmental factors, which is why we need to work on improving that energy for a more peaceful and happier life.

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