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Meditations Designed to Guide and Invite You to Make Peace with Your Anxiety

Meditation for moving through anxiety isn’t just about relaxing. It is about slowly guiding you back into your body, helping you to hold space to experience your feelings & sensations, and let them go.

Key concepts:

  • Understanding the purpose behind anxiety
  • Addressing the disconnection between you and your body
  • Calming your Figh-Flight-Freeze Response
  • Moving into the body to integrate difficult emotions and sensations
  • Inviting you embrace your anxiety and allow it to work for you, not against you

What’s Inside:

  • 9 guided meditations specifically designed to help you move through anxiety and help it work for you
  • Introductions to each meditation explaining the why behind the practice
  • Bonus! 3 Guided Yoga sequences to reinforce the mind-body connection

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